By: admin On: June 19, 2020 In: Vette Blog Comments: 1

At Vette, we have been referred to as The “Uber for phone screens”. The same way Uber is a platform that connects people who are looking to generate an extra income with people who are looking for a ride, Vette connects people who are looking to generate an extra income with companies who need their candidates to be phone screened in a particular skill set.

The same way that drivers are available within minutes, interviews can be available on demand. This takes away from companies having to use their own resources to conduct the phone screen themselves. Instead, Vetters, or experts in their field, are able to provide companies with feedback about candidates so that they can make an informed hiring decision. Reducing Time-to-Hire and increasing Quality-of-Hire.

For Uber, the end goal is taking the passenger to their desired location, for Vette the end goal is using our field experts to screen companies’ candidates resulting in a qualified hire.