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Amber Wanner, Vette CEO, began her first startup at just twenty-two years old. At CandiDate she put an interesting twist into recruiting where she specialized in technology recruiting and became known as the “Dev Whisperer” amongst the developer space in Philadelphia, PA.  Being the go-to recruiter in the mostly male dominated technology space, at the time, she began setting up her female friends with her developer candidates, and “CandiDate” was born.

While Amber was expanding her business creativity, and having fun playing matchmaker as her side hustle, she noticed a gaping hole in the recruiting space that needed a solution. Every time, prior to her sending a candidate to a client, she would have to call in a favor from a trusted technology friend in her network to “Vette” the candidate prior to sending the candidate to an in-person interview because Amber had a reputation of only sending in the best candidates.  After one of her “Vetting” calls, she had her big idea.  Create a technology company with her network of technology experts to Vette candidates for all jobs, not just her recruiting firm. And so, Vette was born. 

Vette connects companies to experts, hand selected, to phone screen their candidates. And if that wasn’t a big enough idea, Amber has dedicated her mission to incorporate speed into every facet of Vette’s operation.  With one click within a company’s ATS a company can request for a candidate to be Vetted as simply and as quickly as a person can request an Uber. When the technology is fully rolled out, these Vettes won’t just be instantaneous, but simultaneous. A company will have the ability to Vette hundreds, and hypothetically thousands of candidates in the same 30-45 minute window it takes to normally phone screen one, with Vette’s vast network of expert Vetters in their system. Imagine a HR manager or hiring manager requesting 500 phone screens before lunch, and returning to their desk with 500 reports with either “recommend hire” or “recommend no-hire” recommendations attached to the full detailed debrief of the candidate.  This is what Amber and the Vette team is building.

Amber is determined to build Vette into a powerhouse HR technology company, in the same way Uber provided a better solution for transportation.  Better. Faster. Vetter.