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At Vette, we provide a network of experts, hand selected & on-demand to phone screen your candidates, while also allowing experts in the field to generate an extra income.  These “experts in the field” are our “Vetters,” who are the magic that makes Vette possible.  We are thankful for these men and women who dedicate their days, nights, and weekends to share their industry expertise to Vette candidates for companies who count on Vette to phone screen their candidates.  On our latest contract with a physical security company, our Vetters were current and retired Police Officers, Federal Law Enforcement Officers, Veteran U.S. Service Members, an author who wrote his own book on physical security, and even multiple members of the U.S. Military who are actively deployed overseas.  They were thankful to have the opportunity to be productive during their down time, and we of course were thankful for their sacrifice and service. 

The amazing thing about our Vetters is that they are extremely passionate about their Vetting responsibility with Vette, because they have pride in their work and in their profession.  After a review of a candidate debrief following a phone screen, one Vetter stated that the candidate reminded him of himself when he first started his career.  This isn’t “just a job” for our Vetters, this is a way for these industry experts to lend their expert industry knowledge to insure new candidates entering their industry continue to uphold their standards in their profession.  Our Vetters obviously enjoy making an additional income, but they also enjoy being able to give back to an industry who fostered their ability to succeeded in their career.

What differentiates Vette (and our Vetters)  from the traditional hiring process, is many times the HR hiring manager within a particular company does not have specific experience or hard skill knowledge as it relates to a particular job. Our Vetters add this real-world knowledge and hard skill verification into the process, which is invaluable to insure a company makes correct “hire” and “no-hire” decisions.  Statistics have shown that 1 bad hire will cost the company an average of 30% of that new hires’ 1st annual salary.   

We salute our Vetters and recognize their vital importance toward making Vette a success. If you are an industry expert in your field (generally 10+ years of experience) and you think you have what it takes to Vette candidates for other companies in your free time for an additional income, visit this link.

Our mission at Vette emphasizes our company values as a company and how we strive to better ourselves for those around us.

Vette is committed to innovation through technology to bring a “Faster. Better. Vetter.”

HR hiring process through providing high quality phone screening for companies across all industries, while allowing industry experts to generate an extra income.  

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